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GreenT Tour Guides offers government-licensed, interpreter tour guides to enhance your time in Japan.Our staff members took all of the photographs on this site. They show places you can visit or things you can eat.If you have any questions please contact us.

What we offer

  • Fully licensed, English-speaking, interpreter tour guides.
  • Guides for group, family or individual tours.
  • Guided tours of selected factories/companies for business travelers.
  • Personalized tour itineraries.
  • Off the beaten track' places and experiences.
  • Free travel advice and information.

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This morning I went to Fuji to take a kimono lesson with another teacher, Michael, and his co-worker, Yumi. Kimono are a beautiful part of Japanese culture and history, but also very difficult to wear. There are a lot layers and parts. Many young women in Japan don't know how to wear kimono, so there are kimono lessons available in many places. We arrived at the kimono sensei's home today at about 10 am and... click for details

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