Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I hear sushi is loved by many people all over the world. Sushi is from Japan, but Japanese people don’t eat sushi every day. It’s a kind of expensive food and often eaten for a special occasion.

Long ago, it was a method for preserving fish. Rice was used to help fermentation. Today’s style of sushi arose in the early years of the 19th century. People in Edo ( Tokyo) went to public baths and on their way home they dropped into sushi stall. Sushi was a casual food .

Do these pieces above look delicious ? They are all fake. They are all made of plastic for display. We can see this at the Sushi museum in Shizuoka. I’m always amazed to see how neatly the people can work.


Here is some sushi I found at a supermarket. It looks beautiful and handy. I’m going to make something like this at home.

Magic Carpet

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

I bought a magic carpet. This is it. The Japanese summer is pretty hot. Every summer I can’t sleep very well because of the heat . If I turn the air-conditioner on when I sleep , I always feel terribly tired. When I come to think about sleep, it takes up rather big portion of time¬† every day. I can’t take it lightly. I decided to buy this to enhance my sleeping quality. And it seems very good. This carpet can be used as a bed sheet. You can’t do the laundry but all you have to do is wipe and dry it. The carpet is made of rush. The material is organic and safe to touch. It smells really good and its texture makes me relaxed and happy. In my house hold we only have this one and all of the family tried it in turn and they unanimously agreed to buy one each. I have almost made up mind to buy one for each of us instead of buying a new TV set. Instead of watching TV I would rather lie on this and read books.

The opening day of Mt. Fuji

Monday, July 6th, 2009

July 1st is the opening day of Mt. Fuji. This year we have a lot of snow and ice so people tried to get rid of them but it was difficult. I heard both in Fujinomiya and Fuji Yoshida , they opened up to 8th station, not to its peak right now. This happened 12 years ago. Probably sometime later , we’ll be allowed to go to the top.

By the way, do you know who owns the peak of Mt. Fuji ? ( from 8th station to the peak ) It belongs to Sengen Shrine in Fujinomiya. Mt. Fuji has been considdered to be a sacret mountain and climbing itself was a kind of religious training long time ago. Some people may be angry to hear it but women were not supposed to climb Mt. Fuji with some religious reasons.

That time people called ” Oshi ” who has good knowledge of religion worked as guides for the people to climb Mt. Fuji. According to some record they stayed at kind of inns with Oshi and get some lectures by Oshi before climbing Mt. Fuji.

I think it’s a good idea to pray for the goodess and god, Konohanasakuyanohime and Niniginomikoto at Sengen Shrine before climing Mt.Fuji. So that we have safe and wonderful trip.