Mt.Fuji Winter Day Tour

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

 Mt. Fuji is at its most beautiful in Winter, but most tourists or people living in Japan visit in Summer to climb to the summit.

At greenT Guides we believe in offering something different and we are planning a day tour to experience the beauty of Mt. Fuji in Winter. The trip will be available to people visiting or living in Japan, and it will be arranged through a licensed travel agent.



Here is our special Mt. Fuji winter experience day tour.

Group size: From 5 to 8 persons.

Fee: 15,000 yen each

Period: December to the end of February on demand.


10:00 Shin Fuji station ( Tokaido Shinkansen )

11:00 Visit Fujisan Hongu Sengen Shrine in Fujinomiya

 Take a walk in the precincts and learn about Shintoism and the shrine      dedicated  to the god of Mt. Fuji.

12:00 Lunch  Local delicacies can be arranged

13:00 Sake Brewery ( Takasago )

Winter is the season when sake rice wine is fermented and the newest products are readied for sale.

Enjoy the traditional old warehouse and Buddhist statues that were brought from the summit of Mt. Fuji in the Meiji Era.

Sake tasting

Rice wine absorbs strong fragrances very easily so please refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes.

Local shopping.

14:00 Leave for Asagiri Highland

14:30 Photo lesson at Maple House.  Receice a lesson from a fanouse professional photographer and create some original pictures of Mt. Fuji’s winter scenery.

 This is a part of Maple House . It has such a beautiful  garden

The photos of the garden , Mt. Fuji and Sake brewery are taken by our teacher’s wife Noriko Nagatsuka.

The professional photographer is Seishi Nagatsuka. He is a leading photographer of automobile advertisements; the late Honda Soichiro, ex-CEO of Honda Motor, called him ” an amazing chap”.

16:30 Finish

 People who return home will be taken to the station.

 For those who want to stay, our affiliated travel agents can find good lodgingd or places to eat to suit any budgets or tastes though.

 If you want to know more in details, please contact us.

Scuba Diving in Izu

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Izu is located to the South of Hakone. It’s a peninsula with many hot spring spots, beautiful waterfalls, beaches and mountains.

I used to go scuba diving when I was younger but I stopped doing that for various reasons. Somehow I went diving again for the first time in many years.

Izu is known as one of the best diving spots in Japan. Particularly ” Ose Zaki ” in Numazu is known for its various kinds of fishes. It’s a part of the Suruga Bay and the cove faces to the north, so even if a tyhoon approaches that sea is calm .

I saw a little of Mt. Fuji. This time of the year, you can’t see it very often and Mt. Fuji in Summer doesn’t have snow on the top so it looks very different from winter one. Also the part is on the west side of the peninsula so we can see a beautiful sunset over the ocean.

Each tme I dive in the ocean I always feel something interesting about the sense of time. I don’t know how to put it. It always riminds me of the old Japanese folk tale ” Urashima Taro “. I’m going to write the plot roughly and if you know anything similar please let me know. I guess the author of this folk tale must have been a diver.

Urashima Taro saw a turtle on the beach. The turtle was being tormented by a group of children. He felt sorry for the turtle and made the children stop. The turtle was so thankful that he took Urashima Taro to a casttle at the bottom of the ocean. There Urashima met a pricess Otohime and they had a big party.Urashima stayed there having a lot of fun. But eventually chose to go back to the ” real world “. Otohime gave him a jewel-encrusted chest to take back to the land. She told him not to open it. When Urashima got back, he was confused because he couldn’t find anyone that he knew. In fact , 300  years had passed instead of three years ! Finally, he opened the chest and a cloud of smoke enveloped him. Then he turned into 300-year-old man.

Unlike this story, by my experience when I came back from diving I felt more energetic and younger , though.