Growing bitter melons

Monday, July 18th, 2011

It has been hot since mid-June. Many nuclear power plants have suspended operations in Japan and thermal power stations are working to make up for the lack of electricity. TEPCO and the Japanese government are asking people to save energy.


I feel very sorry for the people working in hot offices and factories.

Fuji city where I live has many plants and people are keen on saving energy.

If one company uses too much electricity it might be fined. Many car-related companies now have Thursdays and Fridays off and work on Saturdays and Sundays instead during Summer.?The point is to work on different days from other industries to avoid using electricity at the same time. Some people who work for a carrelated industry told me with excitement that he will start to play golf again. He can play golf for the weekday price, which is much cheaper and the course is less crowded. Everything has good points as well as bad aspects.


We are trying not to turn on our air-conditioners. To keep our place cool, we planted bitter melons on our veranda. They grow very quickly and form a wonderful cool shade. I love the sweet smell of their flowers and fruits. These days we eat bitter melons almost every day. We are becoming bitter melon addicts.?They are said to be good for health, activating the immune system. On the other hand, those who wish to have babies shouldn’t eat too many since their juice inhibits the production of sperm. On the other hand their seeds improve fertility. I heard in China, all parts of bitter melons are used as medicine. It is said that eating meat will cause heat in one’s body but bitter melons will neutralize it.


Many people say this summer is very hot but for me it’s better than last summer. Many people stop using their air-conditioners and it seems to make the locality cooler at night. If I use less electricity I can save money, too. I realize I had been using more electricity than I need. Some buildings’ windows can’t be opened and they have to turn the air-conditioning on and it will make the temperature higher outside. It seems like a vicious cycle. We have to change the design of our lives.