Black Benifuuki Fruits Tea

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

My family asked me to make the fruit tea with Benifuuki.

I tried to make something similar to what I had before at my friend’s house.

I put in some apple, orange, strawberries and kiwi and some very tiny mint leaves from my garden. My family members like it very much but the tea I made was a little too strong. To enjoy the flavor of the fruit, weaker tea can be better. However, we could distinguish the flavor of each fruit in the tea. After drinking the tea. We ate the fruit inside of the pot. It also had an interesting taste. We usually eat fresh fruit rather than warmed or cooked ones like this. Next time I am going to add a little brandy to it.

I have tried both benifuuki green tea and benifuuki black tea. I thought both of them are good for hay fever but I heard only the green one is effective. Also for some people just one cup of tea makes a difference but for others nothing happens. And some people finally get an effect after continuing to have benifuuki for a long time.

In the last few weeks, it is said that a lot of pollen is spreading in the air.Fortunately, I don’t have the allergy. May be that’s because I always have a lot of tea . 

Green Tea Shizuoka Part 2

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I also had a chance to see two businessmen from Seattle who took part in the tour organized by JETRO. They are from Choice Organic Teas. This tea company deals with only organic teas. They sell many different kinds of tea all over the world. Choice Organic Teas also seems to be a quite active concern. It was the second day in Shizuoka for them and they had already experienced a tea factory tour, tea ceremony and lectures about green tea in Shizuoka. They must have been really tired after going through their schedule but they were very energetic and eager to learn about Japan and Japanese tea. I was happy to hear how amazed they were to see beautiful Mt. Fuji. The person from Argo told me that he got a splendid view of the mountain from the plane while flying in from Kagoshima, too. Many tourists visit Shizuoka in Summer or late Spring can’t see Mt. Fuji because of the cloudy conditions so they are often disappointed and so am I. I strongly recommend that tourists visit Shizuoka in the cold and dry season so that they are more likely to see the peak. Shizuoka’s winter is not as cold as other areas in Japan and we have a lot of hot spring spas to get warm.


We went to an Izakaya or Japanese style pub for dinner. We were all eating, drinking and talking. The TV was on but I didn’t pay much attention. Suddenly, our guests who were facing the TV got excited to see the TV program. “ Holy cow ! “ I thought. The people sitting in front of us are on TV !

NHK news program covered the tour they had on that day. The camera moved quickly to show many people in the group so it was very difficult to take photos off the TV screen. However, the camera fixed on one of our guests for a relatively long time. He was having matcha green tea. He looked very serious, but in fact he is a very friendly and funny person. I couldn’t capture the photo of another guest, a friendly and gentle person. All of us laughed a lot and felt excited to see the TV program. It was a great timing. I heard they were on TV in Kagoshima,too.






While talking about tea, I was surprised to know that they know about Benifuuki tea. Benifuuki is said to be good for people who are suffering from hay fever. Many people in the US might want to try it. Benifuuki tastes like black tea and its taste is nostalgic to me because it tastes like the black tea grown in Japan long time ago.


When I was a child I had the same taste black tea. It’s a black tea but it tastes very different from English or Indian black tea. I think benifuuki tastes more straight, milder and simpler than other black tea. It’s hard to put, though. One of my friends served me fruit tea made with with benifuuki. She prepared a glass pot so we can see what’s inside. She put some slices of orange, apple, kiwi, and strawberries in the pot and poured hot benifuuki tea over it. A pair of fresh mint leaves were placed in our tea cups. The tea has a good taste and also a wonderful flavor. I also enjoyed eating the fruits in the pot, too. It was very luxurious tea.


I was very lucky to get to know the people from Choice Organic Teas and Argo tea.

Thank you for coming. I hope more people visit Japan to share wonderful tea and experiences. I also felt like traveling abroad, too.


Green Tea Shizuoka Part 1

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I had a chance to see a businessman who works for an American tea enterprise called argo tea.

He took part in a tour organized by JETRO to know more about Japanese tea. Before arriving in Shizuoka, he visited Kagoshima which is also famous for its green tea. He managed to visit some tea factory in Shizuoka. He tried tea tasting in the factory’s blending room. I saw that when the blenders taste tea, they pour boiling water over it so that tea reveals its faults. However when we make tea, we have to adhere to the ideal temperature to make delicious tea. In this factory only contracted farmers bring their “ Aracha” or unfinished tea and the blender chooses the Aracha carefully and depending on their customers’ preference and ideal prices, they blend Aracha. Then in the factory, they refine the tea and blend it. After that, they pack the tea and send it to their customers. They also have a huge fridge to store the tea in perfect condition.


Argo tea operates many cafes all over the USA selling many kinds of tea such as Indian tea, Chinese tea and, of course, Japanese green tea. I was happy to know that Japanese green tea is getting popular. I was also surprised to know that some people put a little sugar in green tea. I haven’t tried that and can’t imagine what the taste is like. I usually don’t add any sugar when I drink black tea or coffee either. But when I stayed in Istanbul, I felt like adding some sugar. I wonder if it was because of the Turkish climate or the food I ate there.


Although I don’t add any sugar, I often eat something sweet along with tea just like we do at a tea ceremony. I also heard that green tea has substances called catechins that prevent our teeth from being decayed. I believe that the sugar I took before or during my tea time can be washed down by tea as it refreshes my mouth and prevents bad teeth.


Japanese people eat a lot of rice and that means our diet has a lot of carbohydrate: does that naturally make us stop taking sugar in our tea ?

Anyway even the same tea can be enjoyed in different ways to make people happy. We were all happy to see the business man from Agro tea and share wonderful time. Thank you for coming and hope see you soon !