I made some tea using hand-rolled green tealeaves. After that I spread the leaves and dried them. You can eat the leaves or they can be used for cooking but this time I made tea potpourri. It was very easy. You can make a sachet like this. A tea farmer’s wife made this and gave it to me. According to her, her friend’s son does Kendo ( Japanese fencing ) and he keeps gear in a bag. He always tried to keep it clean but since gear gets a lot of sweat on it, sometimes it stinks or even mold grows on it. But after putting the tea potpourri sack in the gear bag, he hasn’t had a problem. Tea has power as a sterilizer.

Hear I use tea potpourri, tea seeds, snake gourd ( the red ones ) and pine cones.

Everyone who visits my place see it and ask me what it is . I always tell them to smell it and everyone enjoys the smell. After drinking high quality tea, why don’t you make a tea potpourri ? High quality tea might be expensive but it will give you long-lasting benefits.

Posted Monday, December 6th, 2010 at 5:25 am
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