We went on a hike the other day. It was a very warm and windless day for December. We met at Jittusouji temple in Fuji City. This is a Nichiren temple. The head temple is in Minobu town in Yamanashi and called Kuonji. One of my American friends visited Kuonji and he said it was the best and most impressive place for him. In fact I was a kind of surprised because he has visited many famous temples in Kyoto and Kamakura. But he named Kuonji in Minobu as the best. Temples or shrines in Kyoto, Nara, Kamakura are great but they are often too crowded so some people can’t relax.


First, we greeted Nichiren-san, then, started our hike toward the top of Mt. Myojyo. Atsuko has a lot of experience of mountain climbing and she goes on a hike probably once a week. Kazuko and Chikako know this area very well.





We walked along tea fields and orange gardens. We could still enjoy autumn colors. I like this time of the year because I rarely meet snakes and there are no mosquitoes. The first half was very easy but the second half was hard for me. We had to walk up a rather steep trail to the summit. I perspired very much and my sweat was running down. Finally, we reached the top ! There we saw a clear Mt. Fuji. Fuji City where I live stretches to the right and Fujinomiya city stretches to the left. Looking back, we could see Fujikawa River, its mouth and Suruga Bay. On the top we didn’t have any wind but had a lot of sunshine. We saw only a few people besides us. Atsuko carried a portable gas stove to boil water and made us coffee. It was out of this world ! She sometimes makes instant ramen on the mountain and it’s also great. We had lunch and tea there. We suddenly realized we had already stayed there more than one and half hours. I felt like only 30 minutes or so. On our way back we found a lavatory near the top. It was unexpectedly clean. Also my friends showed me the parking space in case I go there by car. But I don’t want to drive up there. I definitely need to walk to enjoy tea on the summit. We saw farmers on our way and we got some oranges from them. They are very generous. Thank you !














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