We went to Asahina in Okabe. It is a very quiet and small town. The river Asahina runs through the area and along the valley they grow high-grade tea called gyokuro. It is said that gyokuro combats fatigue and I was very curious to see if it would work on me.

Do you know why gyokuro is special ?

It’s because the tea leaves are covered with reed screens called “yoshizu” two or three weeks prior to picking. Since this shades leaves from direct sunlight, they are tender. They have a lot of theanine and that brings a sweet and mild flavor. Gyokuro is rich in caffeine which stimulates the brain and nervous system. Also the chlorophyll in gyokuro is said to be good for the skin.



We had gyokuro at the “hyogetsutei”. Hyougetsutei means gourd and moon. In this building we could see a lot of gourds and moon. These two items seemed to be logos for this place. As we admired the beauty of its architecture, we were also amazed by the mild taste of gyokuro. We had gyokuro in these special utensils.

We had two cups of tea and after that we ate the green tea leaves with dressing. The leaves were soft, tasted great.  




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