My mother went to Miyajima ( Itsukushima Shrine ) and bought these twelve zodiac dolls. They are so lovely, aren’t they ? Each animal plays a role as the sign of a year. The year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. The year 2010 was the Year of the Tiger. You might see the year’s animal on New Year’s cards or on good luck charms.


The people born in the year 2011 will be under the sign of the rabbit. There are 12 signs and the cycle repeats itself, so if you think asking a person’s age is embarrassing, you might ask their sign and figure out how old they are instead! Some people say people who were born in the same Eto have something in common. For Example, my late grandmother’s sign was mouse. She liked to save things. She treasured things and kept important things in a box and put them in a deep closet without using them. It is said that people under the sign of mouse (born in 2008, 1996 etc) are frugal. My sign is the wild boar (born in 2007,1995 – maybe you can guess if I am 15 or 27 or…) They say wild boar people often make a mad dash. In my family , I’m a wild boar, others are sheep, chicken and mouse. Guess who is the strongest !

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