My friend and I went to an art exhibition by Yukiko Kasahara, who I have known since high school days in Sendai. She went to art university in Tokyo and we have followed different paths, but we are still good friends. Some of her artwork is small enough to fit in my living room or study but she has made many big pieces for public facilities such as hospitals, schools and public buildings in some communities. I think public space affects people’s mentality or behavior very much. For example, hospitals need something that makes people optimistic and free. Often I feel really depressed when I visit some hospitals I’m afraid. Good hospitals should have some good artwork like this to give people more energy to live. My photo skill isn’t good enough to describe her work well so please have a look at the site below.


Many of the motifs in her work involve plants. Before making a piece, she does a lot of field work to study about the plants, insects or nature all around the area with some people who are familiar with the area’s nature and vegetation. Her field work takes much longer than I expected. It sounds interesting and I wish I could join the work someday. When I visited her atelier in Hayama ( near Kamakura ), I saw more than 100 kinds of plants in her collections. One of the most encouraging things she told me is that as she gets older, she has more things she feels like expressing in her artwork.  

In the middle of busy days or daily routines, we often fail to realize who we are and what we are in nature. She said that traveling or staying in India can give us new ideas about our lives. I’d like to visit India in the near future for the stimulation.






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