I organized a day tour in Fujinomiya. Takasago sake brewery. This brewery has been making good sake for about 180 years using mild and delicious water from Mt. Fuji. We had a tour of the brewery and even tasted new sake.

It tasted fresh and delicios. Some of it is bottled and can be enjoyed immediately as new sake. The rest is put aside to age.


Look at this cedar ball. This is called ” Sugidama ” in Japanese. When this green fresh cedar ball is at the door of the shop or warehouse, it means new sake is ready. It’s said that cedar kills germs.

They have some Buddhist statues carried down from the top of Mt. Fuji.

In the Meiji Era, the Japanese government suppressed Buddhism for mainly political reasons and they ordered people to break the statues. But some people saved them secretly, including the ancestor of this brewery, who kept some stutues hidden. Anyway after tasting some kinds of sake, we walked to Fujinomiya  Hongu Sengentaisha.

It was founded around 806 , over 1200 years ago to pacify Mt. Fuji. At that time the Mt. Fuji was a very active mountain.This shrine has been the head shrine for more than 1,300 Sengen shrines throughout Japan.

For lunch we ate buckwheat noodles. I tried them cold and placed welish onion and wasabi on the noodeles with a dipping sauce. Many other people tried hot soba.Their tempura was good,too. I love this noodle shop, it’s inexpensive considering it’s good quality. The people are friendly and attentive.


Then we headed for our photo teacher’s house. Seishi Nagatsuka is a famous photographer. He showed us his work and related many interesting things. For me, just looking around and sitting in his place teaches me a lot. His wife Noriko makes a great garden. That day was cloudy but Mt. Fuji can be seen like this when the weather is nice. This photo was taken by Noriko Nagatsuka.

We didn’t see Mt. Fuji , so that means we have to visit there again ?!



I tasted different types of sake at the sake brewery in Fujinomiya and learnt how they made sake.  I  really appreciated Yumi’s transalation.  I was able to understand everything the man said.   It was a great experience. After that we went to a famous shrine in Fujinomiya.  It was very impressive.  I liked hearing about the history of the place.  We also did a quiz on what we learnt, it was fun.  After the shrine, we went to a nice little soba shop.  We had a very delicious meal, and I slurped my noodles in the traditional way, it was embarrassing for me but it was fun to experience!  Lastly we went to a famous Japanese photographer’s (Mr. Nagatsuka) house.  We saw some excellent photographs and took some photos of the landscape around his house.  It was beautiful.  Of course at the end of the day I was tired, but I was happy that I experienced a day in Fujinomiya.


Yumi was kind enough to organise a tour around Fujinomiya for us. It was really fun. Firstly, we went to a Sake brewery where we saw how sake is made and got to taste test three different kinds of sake. Even though it was only around 11:30 in the morning and I thought it was kind of strange to drink alcohol that early it was good to try the different types of sake and compare them. After that we went to Fujinomiya shrine. Yumi-sensei tested us on trivia about the shrine with the reward of chocolate for every correct answer. For example, did you know that Fujinomiya city owns the top part of Mt. Fuji above the 8th station. I didn’t…
Finally we went to a famous photographer’s house. He was kind enough to give us pointers on how to improve our photos and show us around his property.
Overall it was a very nice, informative day!

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