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Owner: Yumi Koizumi
Base: Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

About me: I am originally from Fukushima Prefecture in Northern Japan, which is home of the famous Soma nomaoi horse festival. I have lived in central Japan for many years. I have ben an English teacher for 18 years, but I had a desire to use my English skills in another way, so I took the National tour guide examination and started Green T Tour Guides.

About Green T Guides

We are based in Shizuoka Prefecture, which apart from having spectacular views of Mt. Fuji also produces about 45% of all the tea in Japan. Shizuoka's unique combination of climate and position means that tea produced here is some of the finest in the world. To many Japanese people a cup of green tea signifies a relaxing, enjoyable time. At Green T guides we hope to bring the same qualities to your travel experience in Japan.

As we said on the front page our logo also contains the characters for travel, learn taste and play. We hope that you will experience all these aspects of travel if you choose Green T guides to enhance your Japan experience.

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