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Frequently Asked Questions -English Tour Guides in Japan

Q. What is a government licensed interpreter tour guide?

Interpreter tour guides who charge for their services are required by Japanese law to obtain a license from the government. The license requires the guide to have an in depth knowledge of Japanese history, culture, history geography and language. The guides must also display a high level of proficiency in their target language. It is illegal for tour guides to accept fees without a license.

Q. Can you make reservations at hotels or inns?

We are not a travel agency, and as such we cannot make reservations at hotels and other facilities. We can provide free advice about suitable accommodation to match your travel budget. If you want further information, E-mail us.

Q. We have heard Japanese tours walk in groups with the guide walking in front with a flag. We don't think we would enjoy this. What is your opinion?

We asked the opinion of many tourists to Japan, and some said that their tours were more about schedules and listening to the guides rather than about their enjoyment. We understand that people from different countries have different expectations of their guides. At Green Tea Guides we believe that the guide is a stage hand and the customer is the leading role.

Q. Do you provide guide services anywhere in Japan?

Yes, we do, however, we specialize in the area of Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Mt. Fuji and some areas of Northern Japan. We would like to introduce our customers to interesting and exciting places that are not on the itineraries of standard tours. We want you to get closer to the heart of Japan. Of course, we always respond to the wants and needs of our customers.

Q. Is it easy to climb Mt. Fuji?

A climb of Mt. Fuji should not be taken lightly. Some huts are available, but during summer it is very crowded and not very comfortable. You can go to the 5th station by bus and enjoy a short hike between 5th and 6th stations.

Q. When is the best season to view Mt.Fuji ?

In Spring, Autumn, Winter, are the best times. In Summer the humid weather means that Mt. if often cloaked in mist. Most people climb Mt. Fuji between July 1st and the end of August.

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